How To Use Affirmations To Improve Mindset

Affirmations can lift your spirits and Improve Your Mindset

We have all heard of Affirmations and may have used them in the past, or enjoyed them in social media memes. There is a good reason why we see them so often; they have the power to give us an instant and subliminal boost of feel good hormones! This can really make a big difference in both small and big ways.

I wonder how many of us have actually embraced them as a tool to combat anxiety, stress or overwhelm though? 

If you haven’t used affirmation as a process of improving your mood and disposition, you are in for a real treat!

Denial vs Positivity: What's The Difference And Why Does It Matter?

Smiley face in viceThere is a difference between denial and positive mindset. 
Denial can be a necessary survival instinct, allowing us to put some distance between ourselves and traumatic events. On the other hand, negative denial occurs when we cover up problems and refuse to acknowledge their existence, leading to stress and anxiety. 
It is important to acknowledge and address problems in order to maintain a positive mindset. Here are some handy tips to use when embracing positivity without denial can empower us and lead to a sense of control; even in challenging situations.

Why Grief and Trauma May Be the Hidden Enemy Behind Chronic Stress

Woman on beach with question: are you stress reactive or stress responsive?
This article outlines the lasting effects that grief, abuse, and trauma can have on our ability to manage stress and react to challenging situations. Childhood trauma can result in unhealthy reactions to stress as adults, such as hyper-vigilance and self-sabotage, ultimately blocking us from living a joyful life. However, the good news is that there are things we can do to transition from being stress-reactive to stress-responsive.
By practicing these easy methods regularly, they can become second nature. Managing stress becomes easier over time. Overall, the importance of managing stress by practicing self-care is highlighted here, along with the benefits of intentionally responding to stress.

What To Expect From A Reiki Session

Reiki carries the frequency and vibration of love and healing  from the universe and makes it easily available for the receiver to access.
The Reiki technique is used to promote stress reduction and relaxation. This state of calm promotes healing and regeneration of the body, mind and spirit.

Positive Mindset Benefits

Benefits of Thinking Positively

Are you are having an issue with anxiety, stress or overwhelm?
The problem may be that you are not fully aware of the many ways a positive mindset can benefit you!
Here are are some amazing reasons to be more positive every day.