What Dry Brushing Is And Why Skin Experts Recommend It

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Dry Brushing For Healthy Skin

Dry brushing is a technique that improves your skin health as well as stimulating both the immune and lymphatic systems.

To promote healthy skin, it is a good idea to exfoliate it as often as you moisturize it. 
Consider including a dry brushing method in your normal daily routine. 
It is simple to do, inexpensive, and something you can do just about anywhere. 
While most people will do their dry brushing technique before or after getting in the shower, don’t feel like that is the only time you can do it. 

The Purpose of Dry Brushing:
Often, signs of disease first appear on the skin. 
This organ absorbs a lot of toxins as it protects your body from environmental contaminants and other harmful substances. 
Dry brushing the skin every day can keep the skin exfoliated and increase blood and oxygen supplies. Effectively removing old layers of skin and allowing the growth of new skin keeps it supple and enables natural oils to maintain the surface. 
If you have skin issues, dry brushing might be able to help alleviate them; although you should be careful if you have sensitive skin or injuries – definitely don’t brush over wounds or burns until they have healed completely.

The skin is an organ that detoxifies harmful substances from inside the body as well as outside. 
As you sweat, unwanted dirt and debris appear on the surface to be washed away. 
The skin removes a large amounts of waste through sweat. 
Conversely, a lot of toxins are also absorbed in through your skin.

For best hygiene it is important to keep the skin clean with a simple, natural soap and apply a good quality, organic based lotion daily.

Adding dry brushing to this routine will work wonders on maintaining both youthful appearance and good skin health.

When you remove accumulated layers of dead skin cells, you allow room for the growth of new skin. 
Dry brushing makes it easier for the body to produce new skin cells and repair damaged tissue.
Drawing the blood supply to the surface of the skin can produce a temporary 'plumping' effect reducing the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite. 

Comforting Massage: 
Dry brushing is a soothing practice for many people. There are a variety of products that are made just for this purpose, however a good quality cotton washcloth is very effective as well.
If you decide to purchase a special brush for this, be sure to specify that you are looking for DRY brushing. 
Be gentle when dry brushing to avoid damaging the skin. 
The skin sheds easier when it's dry, so doing this routine before a shower when your skin is dry will produce the best results. It is convenient as you can then wash off the exfoliated skin in the shower.

Loose Skin:
Some people have reported positive effects with loose skin, so if you are losing or have lost a large amount of weight and are concerned about loose skin, try dry brushing every day to see if it has a positive effect.