What To Expect From A Reiki Session

Healing hands with flowing energy

Let’s talk about what Reiki is and how it works:

Reiki is an ancient healing practice that is used to help the body to relax. It allows the universal life energy (sometimes referred to as ‘Chi’, ‘Prana’ or ‘Ki’) to be channeled by the Reiki practitioner and through the chakras, or energy centers of the person being treated. 
This energy opens and balances the chakras by breaking up any blockages and allowing healing energy to flow freely. It is used to promote physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

How the Reiki Session Works:

A Reiki session can be done almost anywhere, but the most relaxing way is to be in a quiet room. You can either be seated or lying down on a special table. It is also fine to be treated in any relaxed position almost anywhere, the special table is used in much the same way as a massage therapist; it is merely a place to relax.
Relaxing music, lighting, decor and aromatherapy may be used.
Distance Reiki is very similar, you will be seated or lying down in your own space while the Reiki practitioner performs the treatment through a video conference feed. The practitioner may use crystals to represent your chakras.
Distance Reiki can also be performed without active communication between the practitioner and the client by setting a date and time in advance.
Your Reiki practitioner will usually have prepared the treatment atmosphere in advance. This is done by saying a blessing or prayer and using special symbols to clear negative energies and enhance the positive energy channeling process.
Your practitioner may draw one or more Reiki symbols to increase the energy flow of the session.
You may be asked to relax and say a silent prayer for the guidance of your higher power, guardian, angel or deity. You can also simply perform some breathing exercises to attain a calm state of mind.

Reiki can be done with a gentle touch or with no touch as preferred by the client. 

It can also be done from far away and can be used to go back in time and address an issue from the past; or forward in time to address a future issue.
  • The practitioner will sometimes begin with a scanning process called Byosen Scanning. This scanning technique is used to see if any areas of the body may require more attention.
  • Then, he or she will work their way down or up using hand positions over several areas of your body, or if it is a distance session will use the crystals to represent your chakras.
  • Each area is treated for a few to several minutes, depending on the energy and the practitioner's intuition.
  • You will generally begin by lying on your back and then turning over about halfway through the session. If you are seated you will not need to change position (although seated reiki is usually a 10-15 minute short session).
What You Experience During a Session:

While you are opening your chakras to the Reiki energy, you may feel a gentle heat radiating from your practitioner’s hands (distance or not). When a blockage releases, you may feel cold, tingly or even sense a lightness in the area. The release of an emotional blockage can be very relieving and it is not unusual to feel the urge to cry, smile or laugh. You may even find yourself on the edge of sleep. All of these sensations are associated with the release of blockages.
Allowing these emotions and feelings to come out instead of trying to block them can be a little intimidating at first.
Embracing them fully, you will be on the way to a very powerful and healing journey. Your practitioner will not be surprised or shocked seeing you cry or experience other emotions – they understand how the energy works.
Is Distance Reiki As Effective As In Person:
While distance Reiki is equally effective, the pleasure of being in a space prepared for this purpose has many benefits. If you can find a local Reiki practitioner, you will have a more enjoyable experience. If there are no practitioners near you, then distance Reiki is the best choice.

What Happens After Your Session:

This depends on your intentions and personal needs. Some people come occasionally and mainly for the relaxation and invigorating effects of Reiki.
It may take a series of sessions to complete the process of opening and balancing your chakras.
Your practitioner may offer additional services such as lifestyle programs and consultations that can be integrated into your reiki sessions.
You will have time before and after your reiki session to consult with your practitioner about these services.
If you are interested in scheduling a Reiki Session with me, you can call anytime and leave a message. I will return your call asap and we can discuss the best way for you to be treated. I am available to do in person Reiki sessions for you if you are near my location, schedule a distance session or refer you to a list of practitioners in your area.