My Visit To The Afterlife

Blue sky with streams of light

Also Known As Near Death or Out Of Body Experience

I have always been interested in the afterlife
Death is one of those things that cannot be totally ignored. The reality of it cannot be completely brushed off or forgotten. Because of this, there is religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychiatry and medicine among other things.

So much of our life experience is about avoiding death. 
It's about prolonging life at any cost. 
It's about preserving youth and maintaining energy and vitality. 

We want to live longer and enjoy more years of a joyful and healthy earthly life.
While all of the above is good and healthy and necessary, it seems we may have missed the mark to some extent. 
In our efforts to avoid the subject of death, we may develop a tendency to brush away and maybe even demonize anyone who doesn't believe the same way we do.
I sometimes think we oversimplify death and the afterlife in an effort to not have to think about it.
We want to have a cut and dry answer that tells us how to live in order to have the afterlife be eternal and filled with bliss.
I am unable to participate in this ‘tunnel vision’! 
Mainly because I have had a sneak peek into the afterlife… and what I experienced for myself is not exactly what I was taught to believe! 

As a matter of fact, it did not completely resonate with any religion I have ever studied!

In 1978, I was a passenger on my ex-husband's Harley 
We were trying to get through a yellow light at about 60 mph when a pickup turned left into our path from the other direction. There was no avoiding the collision! Motorcycle wreck- side view
He didn't even have time to lay it down, or perhaps I resisted being up high in a queen style seat. I did have time to pull off my sunglasses.  

The next thing I remember is being high up
in the sky. 
It was August and the clouds were beautiful on a perfect blue background. 
The sun was shining. 
The sudden sense of complete freedom and bliss that came with the absence of all negative emotions was a feeling I could never adequately describe.  

At the same time, I felt like I was firmly tethered to the earth by a very elastic string or tube of some sort. 
I was not just a spirit. 
I was not some wispy shadow of myself without substance or mass. 
I had a body and I remember it as being perfect and fast. It was as natural to me as the thoughts going through my mind.

This connection stretched to the limit at some point as I was rising. The ‘limit’ was something I felt and it caused me to turn and look behind me at the ground. 
As I paused to look back, I saw people running over to the wreck. Being a pretty good distance above the earth, everyone looked small and distant.  The motorcycle was on its side, partially under the bed of the truck. 

I saw my body laying on the ground 
There were people gathering around it. 
I heard sirens and saw that most of the traffic had stopped moving.  
The heat was shimmering off the pavement and I could even see the expressions of fear and concern on the faces of the people who got out of their vehicles and ran to see if we were hurt.

As I looked at all this, the strangest thing that stands out in my memory is the complete and utter detachment I felt about all of it. 
I knew it was my body and it didn't matter at all. 
It could have just as easily been some clothes that I had taken off. 
There was a mild curiosity about how excited everyone seemed to be about it, and a wondering about why I was still attached to the body on the ground. 
It meant nothing to me.

At that point, I turned back to the sky, and I started to rise again
I felt the most delightful, anticipatory emotion I had ever felt, before that day or since.
I was joyful and filled with a peaceful but excited expectation about where I was going! 
There was no fear, no sorrow, no anxiety and absolutely no negative emotion at all.
I still could not tell you exactly what I was so overjoyed about. 
What I can say is that in the moment, I knew exactly where I was going and who I was going to see there. 
Wherever it was that I was going, it felt like I had been waiting an eternity to return to that wonderful place.

I have read about some afterlife researchers who have a theory that time is strictly a physical dimension construct and that its existence in the eternal realm in no way even resembles the way we experience it here. 
That could explain a lot. I have since given birth to and buried a beloved son, a husband and many others that I dearly love and miss. 
The idea, the absolute certainty of being reunited with them would give me a feeling similar to what I felt at that time.
It was at that moment that I was suddenly slammed back onto the pavement
It was a tremendous, crushing blow to my entire body. 
I was desperately struggling to get my breath, clawing at the helmet strap under my chin. 
The people gathered around me were debating if they should take off my helmet so I could breathe. 
I then heard a tiny voice coming from deep inside of me saying I had to calm myself. That I needed to let out more air before I would be able to breathe. 
Somehow, I managed to stop fighting for air, and consciously force what air was in my lungs be released. 
It worked, and I finally caught my breath.
The ambulance showed up at that point and they loaded me in. 

How could I ever describe what happened next? 

The EMS guy asked me if I knew what had happened. 
I did; it was a motorcycle accident. 
Then he asked me my name. 

I actually opened my mouth to tell him when I realized I had no idea what my name was
It did come back to me after a few minutes, but that was among the many weird aspects of that day.
I had broken two vertebrae in the lumbar area, and one thoracic vertebrae was fractured and I had some fearful road rash. 
Thankfully, I was not paralyzed! 
Aside from some very inconvenient pain, especially with weather changes, I am fine.

We survived the wreck and went on with our lives
I have been told I had an out of body experience, and it was certainly that! 
But more importantly, I also had a spiritual experience. 
I was gifted with a peek into what happens in the afterlife when we die!
Yes, I believe firmly in an afterlife and that our deceased loved ones inhabit a spiritual body. 
I am easily able to embrace the ‘knowing’ that we are on a journey that leads to a place that makes this look  insignificant in comparison. 
And yes, I still fully grieve all of my losses anyway. 
I still fear dying, but not death and never without hope.

The single most important thing this experience taught me is to never, ever minimize anyone's system of belief. 
I now know that it is foolish to assume my belief is more valid or important than anyone else's. 
This is destructive and can cause a lot of pain, so why do that?

I would love to hear in the comments about your out of body or near death experience!
Or, what you think about my story and any others you may have heard about.