The Great and Powerful Mysteries of Aging

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The Great and Powerful Mysteries of Aging

I’m not terribly old, but I am old enough to know that aging doesn't generally happen all at once. 
We tend to experience many ‘little deaths’ during the aging process. 
There are also some significant ’big deaths’ that can bring us to our knees.

'Little Deaths' can be things like:
  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Extra weight that won’t stay off.
  • Declining vision or hearing
  • No more wolf whistles
  • Getting tired more easily or unable to exert ourselves all day and all night
These little deaths can be gradual and ongoing. 
We might notice them as they happen or suddenly discover them, to our utter shock and dismay!

Aging can include waking up with stiff joints that need to be stretched out carefully... so you don’t injure yourself.  
This can become a normal and necessary part of daily life.

The 'Big Deaths' come as well.
Menopause was a significant 'Big Death' for me. 
I realized that my reproductive organs were basically dying inside of me! 
The hormones that had always protected my heart and given me passion and energy were abandoning me!
My attitude, spontaneity and endurance; all affected by this strange transition. 
This change of life could create huge temperature fluctuations in my body. 
The hormone surges could suddenly turn me from pleasant to angry without notice or obvious cause!

We tend to experience shock and denial on a large scale regarding some of these 'Big Death' events.
  • Losing loved ones
  • not qualifying for an ever growing list of careers
  • Having our life long and trusted circle of friends and family gradually disappear
  • Memory issues
  • Onset of age related diseases and dysfunctions
Even something so mundane as having young people suddenly opening doors and giving up their seats as we begin aging is startling when it first starts happening.

We are suddenly inundated with targeted promotions for products that promise to restore all the losses.
Everything is suddenly about magic pills, potions, lotions and experts that promise they can reverse the aging process and make us youthful again. 
There are 'aging experts' on every corner! 
Their only ambition is to get us on an expensive ride that 'only' requires that we give them lots of money. 
Products, pills, treatments, procedures... until they either get it all or we die.

That’s right. We still die.

Some of those expensive rides will make what’s left of our life a living hell. 
Psychological chains that bind us up in the process.
Fear inducing pitches that create a sense of guilt or shame; and silence our better instincts. 
With some of these, once we get on board there is no easy way to exit the ride.

There are much more graceful ways to age peacefully though!
Quality of life is largely dependent on simple, common sense lifestyle habits.
Healthy Lifestyle Habits are often enough to keep us from getting sucked into depression or addiction.
Simple changes that add up to huge results and can actually prevent, or at least postpone many aging-related diseases and disorders.

Here is what we need to accomplish Healthy Lifestyle Habits:
Moderation in everything needs to be a primary goal
Becoming realistic about what we expect from ourselves... and others. 
Laughing loudly and often
Nutritionally dense food that is not loaded with chemicals and preservatives. 
Daily exercise.
Adequate hydration. 
Self care that includes time to pamper our body, mind and spirit.
Meaningful connections to other human beings.
Maintaining a spiritual practice that brings us comfort, hope and joy. 
Learning new things. 
Hobbies that give us a creative outlet and a sense of gratification. 
Proper amounts of sleep and periods of rest 
Giving ourselves permission to grieve our losses, and permission to recover from them.

Making these simple things a part of everyday life can protect us. 
They can keep us feeling vibrant and reduce the need to get hooked into to some of the more invasive 'miracle products' available.

Something to think about:
What is one thing you could start doing today that would give your Healthy Lifestyle a boost?
Feel free to share it with us in the comments!