My Visit To The Afterlife

In this article, I share my own true, near-death experience and how it gave me a glimpse into the afterlife. 
There is a common human tendency to avoid thinking about death and the afterlife. This may lead to oversimplifying or even demonizing people with a different belief system. 
This is my experience of being in spiritual form and feeling completely detached from my physical body on the ground. 
I will describe the overwhelming sense of joy and anticipation, the certainty of knowing where I was going and who would be there. 

How My Son Sent Me A Beautiful Crystal Heart Pendant From Heaven

"GIFTS FROM HEAVEN" is a touching account of this mother's encounter with her deceased son through a guided meditation. After receiving a surprise gift from him in the session, she discovers the very same pendant in a jewelry shop while on a trip with her husband. 
Despite the expensive price tag, she knows it is a reaffirmation of her son's presence and through another miraculous event, ends up being able to purchase the beautiful pendant. 
This is a powerful story that gives hope and comfort to those who have suffered from the loss of a loved one, as it reaffirms the idea that people we have lost are still with us.

Grief Is The Life Force of the Person Who Passed

Grieving teddy bear on a beachWhat makes grief truly miraculous and beautiful is exactly what makes it hurt so much.

We experience the glorious mystery of spirit through the realization that we do not die.
What we discover, if we embrace the pain and allow it to show us, is that this is not the whole of our existence! 
By embracing grief, we embrace our own immortality. 
We are offered a wonderful gift, should we choose to accept it. 
The gift of knowing we are only here for a little while, and what comes next is right inside of us. It is the love of those who have passed away and the love we give to others, living on inside of us where we always were and always will be.